Permanent Microblading

Intradermal pigmentation is a revolutionary procedure that applies micro insertions of natural pigments into the dermal layer of the skin. Each needle is safe and sterile and pigments are free from contamination.

Permanent Make-Up 3D (Microblading With Touch Up) $690
Permanent Make-Up 3D (Microblading No Touch Up) $495
Eyebrows $300
Permanent Eyebrow Tattoo No Touchup $450
Permanent Eyebrow Tattoo With Touchup $600
Permanent Eyeliner Tattoo $500 (top and bottom)
Permanent Eyeliner Tattoo $250 (top or bottom)
Permanent Eyeliner with Touchup (Top & Bottom) $600
Lip Liner with touch ups (Top & Bottom) $700
Lip Liner with no touch ups $500
Full Lip with touch ups $800
Full Lip No touch ups $500
Mole $25 & Up
Orange Lip Balm $60 (full lip)
Makeup Tattoo Removal $90 & Up
Makeup Tattoo Class (Inquire about schedule. 2 days. 16 hours) $2,500
Tattoo Ombre' $600

Microblading (Before & After)