What is the BTL Cellutone ™?

The BTL Cellutone ™ is a non-invasive and non-surgical treatment option to correct the appearance of cellulite. As the appearance of cellulite is smoothed away, skin texture is improved for a healthier look and feel.

How does the BTL Cellutone ™ reduce cellulite?

Cellulite is caused by an excessive amount of interstitial fluid within the skin. Utilizing the power of vibration, the BTL Cellutone™ targets the sources of cellulite formation. These vibrations strengthen your skin’s microcirculation and oxygen supply in the affected area. In turn, blood circulation is stimulated and levels of interstitial fluid are balanced, correcting the appearance of cellulite.

How many cellulite reduction treatments with the BTL Cellutone ™ will I need?

Our team recommends a treatment plan devised of between 4-6 cellulite reduction sessions. Ultimately, the amount of treatments you may need will be based on your own individual aesthetic needs.

When can I expect to see results from cellulite reduction with BTL Cellutone™?

Many patients have noticed results of reduced cellulite and smoother skin after a single treatment session. Find out what results you may be able to expect during your consultation!*

Is cellulite reduction with the BTL Cellutone ™ safe?

Yes! The BTL Cellutone™ is a very safe and effective device that meets strict safety standards to correct the appearance of cellulite.

Who may be a good candidate for treatment with BTL Cellutone ™?

Cellulite reduction with the BTL Cellutone™ may be the right treatment for you if you are:

1-Looking to reduce the appearance of cellulite in the thighs, buttocks, or hips.

2-Looking for a non-surgical and non-invasive cellulite reduction treatment.

Don’t let cellulite keep you from your aesthetic goals of smooth skin. CONTACT US today to schedule a consultation appointment and find out if cellulite reduction with the BTL Cellutone™ may be right for you!

*Results and patient experience may vary